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What system should I use to play against a fast running team playing a 1-2-4-4?

the opposition is now playing with 1 goalie, 2 d, 4 mid and 4 forwards it just seems they are everywhere and my mid field can not deal with the extra player. I was going to counter with a 1-4-4-2 but the girls are not used to it. we play a 1-4-3-3.

The opposition in this case are not really playing with two defenders but a back four. They are probably taking up advanced positions in attack and from what you report are high up the pitch in defence.

What to do?

If they play with four forwards you have three options.

  1. Retain a non-marking defender and drop a midfield player to mark a forward
  2. Mark one against one at the back and retain a midfield player as a screen to intercept passes down the middle channel 
  3. Go 1 v 1 through the whole field or from half court

What are the implications for each option?

  1. 1. You will be a player short in midfield and will need to drop a forward back into midfield, therefore you’ll have no ability to press up and will have to play half court and look to counter attack
  2. If they play their centre midfield deep he might run the game but you’ll be secure as a back five. The centre forward can be used to track back on the deep lying centre midfield. You will be strongest defending from a half court, keeping your lines (defence, midfield and attack) close together
  3. This will be exciting, it could be the right tactic if you’re the stronger team but if not, there'll be a great deal of space about and the opposition may hurt you.

From the way you ask the question, I’d be inclined to retain your 4:3:3. Ask your centre midfield to screen (option 2). Spell you’re Centre forward regularly and ask them to chase back and pressure the centre midfield, he will tend to move higher and closer to your centre half so he can do two jobs mark and sit in the centre channel. You’ll give up a bit of the initiative but be more secure. Because of the distances, this will only work from a half to three-quarter court defence otherwise the Centre Forward will be falling out with you!

  1. طريقة الهجوم 
  2. طريقة الدفاع 
  3. الهجمة المرتددة
  4. التغطية في الهجمة لمرتدة للخصم 


  1. Method of attack
  2. Defense method
  3. Attack Almertddh
  4. Coverage in the attack to rebound deductible

Translated by Sportplan Team, using Google Translate

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