Give And Go

category: 526-samenspel-in-beweging

Handball give and go 526 samenspel in beweging Pass B2-B1. B2 zet aan en passeert R1 zonder bal. Pass B1-B2 afronden.

Warming-Up : Give And Go Snake Run Passing

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : Give and Go snake run passing warming up The first player waiting in line passes to the first player on the cone and immediatel...

Give And Go

category: 526-samenspel-in-beweging

Handball give and go 526 samenspel in beweging Pass B1-B2-B3-B4-B5 die om R2 heen loopt.


category: 219-supporting-team-mates-blocking-attackers

Handball give-and-go 219 supporting team mates/ blocking attackers Attacker 2 dribbles towards the goal and the blue defender runs out to pressure hi...

Give And Take Attackers

category: 531-cooperation-in-defence

Handball Give and take attackers 531 cooperation in defence Attackers have to go to the other half after every pass.Defenders have to take other atta...

Running Center Shot : Give And Go

category: 315-center-shot-when-running

Handball Running Center Shot : give and go 315 center shot when running Players line up near the baseline, with a ball each and take it in turns to p...

Give And Go - 2 Vs 2

category: 217-shooting-defend-shooting

Handball Give and Go - 2 vs 2 217 shooting/defend shooting The 2 attacker must progress up the court and get past both defenders, one at a time befor...

1-2 Feint And Shoot

category: 526-ballcirculation

Players take it in turns to make a run to their cone, just outside the 9 meter line.

Once they reach the cone players must feint moving insi...

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The Give and Go

Use the Give and Go in handball to create space, get past defenders and give your team the attacking edge!

Free throw variations

Use this session to find fresh ideas for attacking from a free throw! Coach your players new techniques to score from a set play.


Community Drills

back in

1) back fix and go to the center close to the defense,2) The central player go in the all created by the run of the back and shoot if there is place.3...

dribbling snake

everyone has a ball and running around the court in a line. on the whistle the last person speeds up and become the first one by running faster while ...