Fast Play - Decision Making when Breaking at Speed Session

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To get your team off to a speedy start this session develops your players' fast break skills, practising running up the court and passing at speed!

Who should use this Session?

Designed for players aged 13 and up this session develops intelligent decision making. So when your players are running explosively into the opposition's half they'll be asking themselves - Should I fake past the defender and go it alone or play the pass into space and use the support runner?

What's in the Session?

Handball player - Fast BreakTo get things off to a speedy start we open with a 2 v 1 drill, with players using 1-2 passing to get around the defender and get a shot on goal. After this things then get trickier as we progress the drills closer to a match situation and add players to get players thinking as they move to make space and pass use the wings to create space for the attack!

Don't start sluggishly - give your team a running start and get them making the right decision when breaking with this speed attacking session!

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