Fast break - Goalkeepers are your deepest attackers

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Use this plan to put a spin on the phrase "defence is the best form of offence" - by attacking from the back and using your goalkeeper to launch the counter attack with a strong, offensive throw out.

If when your keeper has the ball they play a tentative, short pass to the nearest man not only will you give the opposition a chance to recover and regain their shape, but you will also remove any sense of urgency and verve from the move.

The importance of the Goalkeeper

With this fast break plan we help you cover is the important role that your goalkeeper can play in starting off a positive, offensive drive.

The focus of this session can be spread to involve your entire squad, looking at ball-handling and receiving a long pass whilst running. It is also important to practice this session as whole team, so if the pass is on during a game, players will be ready to break away up the field and looking to receive their goalkeeper's attacking pass.

The benefit of this attacking move is that it will help you to prevent your team becoming predictable and easy to defend against. Try this session today and give your players a new attacking scope.

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