Handball Drill Demonstration


Two teams, opposite.
One team is called the RAVENS the other the RATS.
When calling out one of the names the trainer gives the signal to run away.
The team which has not been called tries to tag the other.

- starting positions (sit,lie etc)
- increase.descrease distance
- build in obstacles (cones to jump over, benches etc)

Coaching points


pay only attention to the complete technical movement
Only general corrections

Pay attention to :
Body must be in straight position,
arms moving actively along together with the movements of the legs
ellbows at right angle
All of the body should point to the direction you are going to : feet,knees,arms in same direction

mistakes often made :

- 'sitting' when running, bottoms up !!
- upper part of the body too far in front
- shoulders risen too high

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