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547 5:1 Defence

category: 547-5-1-defence

4 defenders, 6 attackersvariations :- only pivot B6 may score- only try to score over the wings- only try to score from distance- only try to score by...

547 5:1 Defence

category: 547-5-1-defence

R prevents B from scoring.R4 always defends W1.

545 3:2:1 Defence

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Pass B3-B1 who duels with R1.After duel B2 starts for the fast break and goes to queue of R1.

1: 1 Duels

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

Attackers try to score a goal when defended by one defender. After their shot the attacker collects their ball and joins the back of the line. If the ...

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Tussen de pionnen verdedigen

-8/10 pionnen evt. handballen3 verdedigers, rest aanval.De verdediger doet zijn best om de aanvaller niet door zijn gebied te laten komen. Is de aanv...

SC Espinho vs. FC Gaia 2

O Rui e o Antunes vão trocando posições no ataque.O Kiko entra para o lugar do Antunes aos 10' da segunda parte.Rui e Vasco M. defendem ao meioFazer t...

SC Espinho vs. FC Gaia 1

Entra o Rui Fernandes para o lugar do Pinhal aos 15'Entra o Antunes para o lugar do Machado aos 20'