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I want know about new 6-0 system

I want know about 6-0

6-0 defense system 6 players on the line. Defending in ONE line. wing defenders (5+6) Main tasks:

• Defend your own wing attacker, do not have them run in between you and the second defender,

• If the attacker goes outside then the goalkeeper must do his job Second task:

• Block runways of incoming attackers, take over the jobs of the second defender or pivot,

• Defend the pivot when he is between you and the second defender Second defenders (3+2) Main tasks:

• Defend your own back court player Second task:

• Defend the pivot

• Cooperate with centre defenders

• Cooperate with wing defenders Centre defenders (1+4)

Main tasks:

  • Defend centre back court player and pivot

Second task:

  • Cooperate together (1+4)
  • Cooperate with second defenders (3+2)

 This is the basic system.

Description: basic 6:0 defense system

I will add some info tho what Roland stated above. you can play 6-0 if your team has a height advantage on the opponent team or the opponent is poor on shooting from the outside. You still can play 6-0 against a team who can shoot really well from the outside but you will need get your defender to move their legs between 6-9 meters in order to make it harder for the opponent to shoot from a good distance. As Roland mentioned above the cooperation between the pivot and the outside defender is crucial in order to succeed in implementing 6-0.

Completed by the stature of my colleagues Two wings and four defenders Downtown Two of them heart and two assistants and the two parties and the two No. 3 and 4 And the heart are the Nos. 5 and 6 Of course, the first task to defend 6 / zero to prevent intrusions To allow correction for distance beyond the line of nine How to close the spaces? The space between the payer 3 and 1 is the responsibility of the player No. 3 The space between 3 and 5 are responsibility of No. 5 And the space between 5 and 6 are joint responsibility of the penalty throw line, a joint Each is the other side, normalize the same thing And play Boutrqtin Awakther For players who are shooting from long distances Times the pair No. 5 and 6 responsibility of the player interview from the mid-Corrected And every player without a player behind the circle against the player Corrected In the case of a player defenders line service remains one

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