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Passing and Receiving Drills

The right passes wins you games, so it is key your players have the right vision and technique. Use drills to improve your side?s communication, teach...


First Touch With Instep Of Foot

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Put the players in pairs with one ball between 2 The players should try and pass the ball slightly wide of each other. The receiving player has to pla...

1V1 - First Touch And Striker Accuracy

category: Shooting

Set up two lines of players as show in the image, about 30m from the goals. The first player dribbles with the ball at pace and then puts their foot o...

First Touch And Rebound Shot

category: Shooting

Player 1 jogs backwards to the far cone and then sprints out to the first cone, ready to receive the pass from player 1. Player 2 must take only one t...

First Touch Set Up - Outside Of Foot

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Working with one ball between 2 players pass the ball to each other. When they receive the ball the player should try and control the ball with the ou...

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bayer munich first touch drillsone or two touch drillplayer 1 touch and moved to player twoplayer two touch and moved to player threestart with two to...