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My team can't seem to get the ball and pass?

Every time my get the ball they will always kick it long and give straight to the time where as they need to gert it and pass. Can any one help?

The team I run are the same, this worked great for us last season on a smaller pitch but now weve moved onto bigger pitches where wasting the ball a lot.

At my club we have 2 managers myself and another manager, plus we have a parent who helps out with the coaching as well

What we have started to do is break the squad up into groups and explain what there position is and what we expect and then work on what we feel important and keeping hold of the ball and passing the ball is one of them.

Teach them how to get a good first touch, control the ball and how to turn and am sure the passing will come.

Since ive started doing this my players are starting to understand the game alot more and are realise there is more to football than winning it and hitting it up hoping for the best

Thanks a lot I will try this at the next training session.


in your training sessions add a condition to your final game such as maximum of a 5 yard pass,anyone who passes further then concedes possession to other team from where the pass was made and the cycle continues,also maybe condition it to forward passes only and build up play steadily.

Guys, not wanting to cause offense hear but I pray for the day when we eliminate conditions and replace them with CHALLENGES!!

Think of what you are doing from the players viewpoint. ANY restriction is a negative interruption into their natural way of playing. Replacing restrictions or conditions with Challenges allows players to still play naturally and rewards them instead of punishing them if they havent complied with the restriction etc.

As for the problem here, its about targets and triggers. Players have to have simple targets which they have a chance of reaching. I use my 3G Concept which can also be a coaching tool as well as an analysis tool.

1st  G = GET THE BALL - This is about individual AND team responsibilities when not in possession.

2nd G = GET THE BALL FORWARD - As fast but as safely as possible

3rd G = GET A STRIKE ON GOAL - Every Attack should have an end accurate strike on goal

Now HOW you perform the 3G's IS the coaching part. Its an easy process then to see where there are problems.

For Matthews problem, its easy to see that the problem is with the 1st & 2nd G. The solution is about providing targets for the players in training to be successful in all 3 Gs. So, a SSG where you pair up all outfield players and only the player assigned to each pair can tackle that player if they have the ball, all else can only intercept a pass or win a loose ball. Should your immediate partner score then you have to leave the pitch and complete a lap of the pitch before you can rejoin the game.

Next, a SSG with the challenge that when possession is won, IF they can complete a pass to the farthest teammate successfully and they score it will count treble.

Another SSG where if a player is caught in possession and loses the ball = instant goal to opponents.

Yet another. On possession, teams have 6 seconds to score or lose possession

By playing these 5-10 minute matches, players will be able to play freely without fear of being punished for not keeping to restrictions. it allows for free decision making and the only punishment is not being able to complete what is desired.

Have a go at these and let us know how you get on.


Here's 3 games t get you started.

1-0 game - Score a goal and then try and keep the ball until the other team score and vice versa

Gates - 4 v 4 game with a series of gates. Score a point by pass and receive through a gate

3rds - section a pitch into thirds and make sure each team passes through each third before they can score


hi, i  find if a team plays hoofball it is usually due to either lack of confidence in possession or a lack in experience.. you need to have a philosophy of how you want your team to play and put that into your training plan.. i think that this is most likely confidence if your team, are they on a bad run ?... no disrespect to kevin sayce's contradictions.... but i feel this is not the right way to go.. 2 touch football encourages decision making, looking up for the ball, movement and so many other plus's that will only make your players better on the ball..  all training has restrictions to encourage what we need to improve on the pitch no matter what age!!  there are many variations in a 4v4 session that will improve elements of the game and finding the positives to move forward... tim marler is on the right track.... good luck

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