Ball Control, Dribbling and Switching Skills Session

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To make sure your players' passes don't go bouncing out into touch this week's Sportplan Session looks at a variety of control and short passing skills for your players.

Skill covered in this session include:

  • First time passing with soft feet,
  • Running with the ball and
  • Switching the ball with a long pass and receiving the pass under control!

So why are we working on one-touch passing over a short distance? Watch this video to see how Villarreal tore Valencia apart with their speedy, short passing!




Designed for all ages and abilities, this session can easily be adapted to suit your players' skill level - with younger players reduce the size of the grids and with more able players why not challenge them to play pin-point passes across long distances!

Work on your players' touch today and speed up their game!

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