Developing Fast Footwork for a better First Touch

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If you're not careful with your first touch it might be your last. That's why in this plan we teach your players to look up and use their first touch to push the ball into space.

Part 1 of the session:

To get everyone receiving the ball with confidence - preparing their feet, moving and opening their body before the pass comes in - we get your players up on their toes, warming up in pairs and developing their first touch sharpness.

Part 2 of the session:

It's not all about the first touch though. Before you receive the ball you want your players to instinctively know where their team-mates and the opposition are to avoid turning into trouble. That's why in the second part of the session we focus on heads up football, with a fitness circuit, fast feet passing group exercise and a final conditioned game.

Don't let your players be caught flat footed, develop their fast feet for a better first touch!

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