hello ive got a under 10s team im trying to make them?

hello ive got a under 10s team im trying to make them?

hello ive got a under 10s team im trying to make them pass and move and get the player who has the ball support we are playing seven a side at the moment i play 3-2-1

gavin princeCoach, England
Sportplan TeamAdministrator, United Kingdom

Hi Gavin,

this week's session of the week was actually on Passing and Moving off the ball. Try it here!

All the best,

The Sportplan Team.

Football CoachCoach

Sorry sportplan team, but that really is a bad example of pass and move. That is so typical of the old school English coaching. Make your game far more dynamic from start to finish. Gavin you have to be patient, it will come if you set up the right games and understand your coaching points..

Football CoachCoach

Dave, all sounds good, have you got any details of the conditioned games you use, would like to try with my team. Thanks Euan

Football CoachCoach

All, just a view use other sports to make the point. To make a pass easier the player off the ball has to move to a position where he is free of a marker and the passing line to him is free of an interception. If he's free the pass is simple, to emphasise the point use NETBALL, yes NETBALL is ideal. The player on the ball has to look up and whilst still stationary the players off the ball has to move to create a passing chance. Once this idea has been grasped, put the ball on the floor and see what happens. The netball game can be used for aireal ball control. Instead of catching it the player has to control it via head, chest , thigh before he can use his hands to pass. Keep changing it from hands to feet and it does make a difference. If the passing is quick then the movement off the is quicker therefore the passing distance is shorter and less risk of losing the ball.

Dave HallCoach, Australia

Hi Gavin

I would focus on playing plenty of possession games and have the kids concentrate on moving to form triangles, so giving the player with the ball two options to pass the ball to at all times.

Hope this helps.

Coach, England

Surely there has to be some time for practising the technique of passing and receiving a ball before the kids just 'play games' otherwise won't their games just be a mess? Are you suggesting that the way to coach these techniques is to keep stopping the games and saying 'this is how I'd like you to pass the ball' or 'control the ball like this' and do a quick demo and if they don't do it properly award a free kick to the other team or something?

Just curious to know how you teach certain techniques. I know we should let the 'game be the teacher' but it seems a bit extreme and possibly counter-productive (developing bad habits) not to have any drills to practice skills (intensively,  rather than having to wait until you get the ball next time to practice).

With regards to SSGs to practice passing and moving, I'd advocate having a few neutral players to help the team in possession keep the ball longer, making it easier to begin with until they improve sufficiently not to need the help. The focus is then on possession rather than dispossession if you know what I mean. :)

Football CoachCoach

Radical idea here but...How about training the way you want them to play?Kids KNOW games. They KNOW the concept of teams, 1v1, team vs. team; score more than the other team etc.

What I do most of now is to have what I call MATCH DAYS where I run an entire session full of short 5 minute matches where 2 teams compete and only those who have more goals at the end of all the matches are declared the winner.


Every now and again I will run a whole session of 5 minute matches with a minutes rest in between for drinks and description of the next 'match' and swapping players etc = 72 minutes.

These matches cover virtually any problem you may have with players and the team. The idea is that once players have played these a few times, any big problem you just select the match that will improve it and then spend twice as much on that game and eliminate one of the other matches to accommodate.

1. GRENADE:                 

On possession you have 3 seconds to play or boom you're out of the game for set time


2. AIR STRIKE:              

Only goals scored from the air count


3. 4 2 SCORE:                

Complete 4 consecutive passes before score counts


4. OMG:                        

Every pass, dribble, control, strike, save must be outrageous "Oh My God"


5. TRICKY DICKY:          

Complete a trick before score counts


6. TACKLE SQUAD:         

Extra goal for every legal tackle that wins possession as well as normal goal


7. BIG SHOT:                

Must shoot from wherever you win possession even if it’s blocked.


8. 2 & DO:                    

On possession, 2 touches, 2rd touch pass or shot


9. DRIBBLE KING:          

No passing - on possession, dribble until a goal scored or loss of possession


10. 1-2-3:                     

On possession, 3 first time passes then play normally


11. 20 & DOUBLE:          

Team amass 20 passes (non consecutive) then EVERY goal counts double


12. TAKE ON:                

In Attacking Half, if beat an opponent and a goal is scored = 3 goals

Hope this helps


Football CoachCoach

Divide your players into 2 colored teams. Lets say you have 6 players per color.

Use a 10x10 or approprite size grid have 4 players from each team playing keep away inside the grid and 2 from each team off the grid.

Adjust the size of the grid according to what you are trying to accomplish. I use a bigger grid when i am trying to give my players more time to revieve a ball and get thier eyes up or to move to open space. If i want quick passes i use a smaller space / increased pressure.

Tell the players that they have to move quickly after the pass or they will be called off by you saying "Amanda off no movement ", or " Amanda off too slow " at that time a player of the same color steps on and "Amanda" steps off. You can control the amount of time a player has in the grid by changing colors everytime you call a player off and also switch who you are watching.

You can also progress this game or start it by using%3A

Pass " to slow/bad pass", movemnet "no/to slow movement", communication, immediate pressure or add other areas related to your objective. This is a fast paced activity that my girls always ask to play. 

I also use a triangle passing game to get players to move after a pass.

3 players and one ball

Form triangle, pass apart play 2 touch first then go to one touch.

Player passes and then either moves quickly inbetween/splitting the other two forming another triangle or overlaps the player passed to movimng into another triangle formation. The next player passes to the third player and moves ect ect.

This can be progressed into a race from one touch line to the other. This is the fun part! You can restrict the race by telling the players that only the passer can move and/or end the race with a shot on goal after a certain point is reached like a marker you place near the goal.

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