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Movement off the ball drills for my U12s?

Does anyone know of any drills to improve my u12s doing movement off the ball???

Hi Tim, 

We have loads of drills to help improve your player's movement off the ball, and get them into that bit of space which could win you the game! I have included one below for you to take a look at, or use the search bar on the top of the page for lots more drills.

Hope that helps!

The Sportplan Team

Movement before receiving the ball

Video / Animation
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The red player (1) stands between the cones closest to the blue player.

When red player 1 is ready to receive the ball they move towards their marker before checking off the player and making a run to either the left, centre or right gate.

The blue player then plays the ball towards red player 1 who receives the ball and plays a one touch pass back.

The red players change roles when the defender intercepts the ball from the attacking player.

Coaching Points:

Red players must move with power and determination.

Encourage movement towards other spots, not just back and forth, anything to shake off their defender and make themselves available for the pass.

To vary this drill the blue player can play a lofted pass that the red player has to control.

Hi, Here is one I love to use with my group. Works on their first touch also!

Used this from U10s up to U15s and works excellently when coaching points are used correctly. Hope it helps!

Good luck :)

Receiving & Turning


Two balls work at one time. The player passes to the man on the cone who has to turn round the marker and pass to the next man.

The opposite ball works at the same time so it reaches the end cones the same time as each other.

The players follow their pass.

Coaching Points:

The man who is due to receive the ball needs to show some movement off the ball before receiving the pass.

  • Dropping back to create space in front to take the ball on the back foot.
  • Moving towards the ball and taking it in front of the man with the front foot (not shown in the diagram).

You can progress this further with adding a feint. Start with players receiving on their back foot. Players will make a movement forward first, (to drag the 'defender' forward), then drop back to make space.

Alternatively, to take the ball in front of the defender, players will drop back first (to drag the 'defender' back creating space in front) then a sharp movement in front to receive the ball.

Thanks guys i will use these drills.


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