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Kicking Drills

Use the kicking drills and videos below to develop your players' accuracy, technique, tactical awareness and skills so they know the right kick to use...

Sevens Drills

The Sevens drills below to sharpen your players' rugby skills such as quick hands, speed evasion and passing under pressure before moving on to develo...


Drop Kick

category: Kicking

Can be practiced with all players but specifically for the kickers of the team for start off kicking and tactical point scoring.

1 ball, con...

Pull Back Passing

category: Passing

Passing in groups of 4.

Have two lines set up parallel about 3-5m apart: in this case Yellow and Orange.

Have players stand on yellow (...

Web Videos

Rugby tactics: the sexton loop

Ireland's back-line: lethal or predictable? Take a look at flyhalf Jonny Sexton's signature "wraparound" in this short clip. Get free rugby drills and...



Developing the Maul

Work on your team’s maul technique with this session, improving their current ability to create, secure and defend the maul

Community Drills


The C ball involves 4 people.The first man runs if ii as if it were a ball.Dummying the second man (who runs the A line).He then dummy's the third...

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The dummy pass involves 3 people. The first man sets of followed quickly by the second, then the third sets off. Before the first man passes it to the...

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Warm up- Lap around the hall. Follwed then by pass and follow.Technical-TacticalPhysicalSocial

Drill One.

Split group into 3's.First 2 players act a "A" ball but this is a dummy. Instead the Ball carrier dummies the A ball and then passes it ...