Drills: Speed training

Change of pace (Speed) Rugby
Change of pace (Speed)
Individually Random cones of different
Speed Maul - Hands on! Rugby
Speed Maul - Hands on!
Set up lines of defenders with pads aligned laterally across
Defence Structure Rugby
Defence Structure
5 attackers - 10 defenders (or 2 to 1 ratio dependent on n
Man to Man Rugby
Man to Man
3 attacks -2 defenders Scrum half pas
Lesson 4 Layout Rugby
Lesson 4 Layout
1 vs 2 - with running support Rugby
1 vs 2 - with running supp
Set Up 15m x 30m channel - One defender t
Running side tackle Rugby
Running side tackle
Starting with their backs to one another, two players stand
Union Jack Rugby
Union Jack
Divide the players so that they are spread equally between 8
Drift Defence Rugby
Drift Defence
3 attacks - 2 defenders Scrum half pa
Shoulder stretch. Rugby
Shoulder stretch.
Bring both arms in front of the body. Fl
Mini Maul Technique Rugby
Mini Maul Technique
Groups of 8 split into four groups of 2 li>
Agility & Running Skills Rugby
Agility & Running Skil
Pull your top foot toward your buttocks, keeping both knees
Box agility running Rugby
Box agility running
Players line up in two groups on the first cone. On GO, the
Shuttle run. Rugby
Shuttle run.
Start lying on the ground (in a down press-up position) run
Zigzaguer Rugby
Organiser l'exercice comme indiqu sur le diagramme<
Throwing ball into air. Rugby
Throwing ball into air.
Throw the ball straight up into the air above the head.
Lesson 2 Layout Rugby
Lesson 2 Layout
Deliberately create holes in your defence to teach your forwards to r
1 V 1 Rugby
1 V 1
Work in pairs Coach calls out a number,
Tag Maul Game Rugby
Tag Maul Game
Groups of 10. 5 v 5 Match. &l
Catching the ball between the legs. Rugby
Catching the ball between
Knees slightly bent and feet apart. Sta