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Contact Skills Drills

A major part of rugby involves two or more players making physical contact with each other. Contact normally takes place during a tackle, lineout, scr...

Practices for Juniors

The junior videos and drills are designed to introduce and teach youth players to the correct techniques and skills they will in rugby, in a safe and ...


10 Pass Game

category: Warm-Up

Rugby 10 Pass game Warm Up 2 teams Bibs Balls One team must try and complete 10 passes in a small grid. When the player has the ball in his hand he ...

Bank Robbers

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Bank Robbers Warm Up Keep your player briefing, brief! Tell the players the following laws for this exercise..... Players must start the game b...

Stuck In The Mud - Rugby Style

category: Warm-Up

Coaching points · Players should carry the rugby ball in both hands, and when the game starts - the ball cannot be passed or thrown. · Encourage pl...

Rugby Baseball

category: Sevens

The fielding team should take up positions that they feel will be advantageous to their game plan - don't worry too much about over coaching this - p...

Web Videos


Pre-season Burner 2

Get the team excited to be back together again. Pre-season?s going to be a battle, but go and make it fun with this burner!


Community Drills

3D Rugby Game

Game: - two teams- person with the ball runs with the ball.- person with ball can run any direction#- objective is the catch the ball over the li...

Rocket Rugby Game

1. 3 attack v 3 defense in 30x302. 3 attackers play touch. Unlimited touches, but must stop and pass if touched. 3. At any time, the offense may launc...