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Maul Drills

A maul is similar to a ruck but occurs when the ball is held up off the floor (in a player's hand). The maul drills, videos and mini games below will ...


Rip And Ruck

category: Maul

Rugby Rip and Ruck Maul Players stand in a circle, about 5 meters apart. Two player, one with a ball, positioned in the centre of the circle. The bal...

Maul - Rip

category: Maul

Rugby Maul - Rip Maul If contact cannot be avoided take on own terms Turn and present the ball Support player rips ball out and presents First ball c...

It'S All Rip And Roll To Me!

category: Warm-Up

Rugby It's All Rip and Roll To Me! Warm Up You may consider these two points when looking to challenge or build confidence. Keep your player briefing...

Maul Rip In A Circle

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Rugby Maul Rip in a circle Practices for Juniors This is good for upper body strength. 5 or 6 defenders, 1 ball, 2 attackers Defenders must stand in ...

Rip And Present Conditioning

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Rip and present conditioning Warm Up Players stand in a inner circle and have an outer circle 5m behind them. 2 players in the middle. one play...

Maul Full

category: Maul

Rugby Maul Full Maul If contact cannot be avoided take on own terms Turn and present the ball Support player rips ball out Drives on if space or pass...

Tag Maul Game

category: Maul

Rugby Tag Maul Game Maul Groups of 10. 5 v 5 Match. Players start the game and after each touch the touched player must simulate a MAUL by turning an...

1 Vs 2

category: Handling

  • The aim of the drill is to develop ball carrying in a contact zone.

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Rugby 'rest in peace' moments

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Quick rip

Game for Secondary School or teenage rugby players. Non-contact game of Sevens.



Community Drills

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Blue player starts with ball at the blue cone start line. runs with the ball until he reaches the defenders with the red bags and then runs around the...

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Maul game to start- touch maul. In groups of 5-6 max. play touch game whereby player taking it into contact must turn and SH must rip the ball away/ ...