Rugby Drill Demonstration


This game is designed to teach the players to work together to drive a maul forward and keep control of the ball.

  • Set Up a field approximately 5m x 5m.
  • Split the players into 2 even groups from size and skill level.
  • Tell the 2 groups to stand at opposite ends of the field to start.
  • Explain to the players that one group will receive the ball and their job is to try and drive the ball to the other teams try line and place it down.
  • The opposition can only push the attackers out or back to their try line. If the players and the ball go over the sideline then it is a restart with the defending team getting the ball.
  • Bring in a point score system in which a try (placing the ball down over the try line) is worth 5 points and simply pushing the maul over the try line is 1 point.

The aim is to get the players to understand that when the ball goes into a maul they must start pushing and look to get the ball to the back.


Coaching points

Ball back - rip the ball to the back Bulldozers - get low and drive the legs by taking small step

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