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Set up lines of defenders with pads aligned laterally across your working area. You can either have 1 line so the attacking players work once and in 1 direction or you can have a series of defensive lines so they attackers work continuously off both shoulders.

Rotate defensive units.Work in attacking groups of 5 with 1 ball per group. The attacking groups start at point X.

On the command, Player 1 carries the ball towards defender A. Just before or as the Player 1 makes contact with the tackle shield, Player 2 gets ‘hands-on’ the ball, moving it away from the defender.

Both players then make contact powerfully with the defender (particularly Player 1 and get some go-forward (1 or 2 driving paces) before releasing to the acting half-back when feeds to Players 4 and 5 who repeat into defender B.

Players 1 and Player 2 then loop behind and receive pass from player 3 before engaging defender C.


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