Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following.....

  1. The players on the bags will squeeze the bags together to make removal of the ball hard but not impossible.
  2. The running player will aim to removing the balls from between the bags.
  3. They will start at the first bag and move on to the second and then the third.
  4. When they remove the last ball they swap places with one of the players at the bag, and that player will become the running player.
  5. The players competing for the ball will use a jackal position in order to remove the ball.

Coaching points

  • Player has a wide and low stance.
  • Both hands are on the ball, wrapping the ball into the chest if possible.
  • Player uses the power in their legs to rip the ball free, not just their upper body.
  • The ripping motion is repetitive, applying bursts of pressure.
  • If the ball cannot be released, the player hold it in keeping hands on until the coach calls hands away.

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