Drill Categories

Practices for Juniors

The junior videos and drills are designed to introduce and teach youth players to the correct techniques and skills they will in rugby, in a safe and ...

Tackling Drills

All players need to be able to tackle. Tackling is how a player physically stops an opponent from moving forward with the ball. It's a vital aspect of...


Touchdown Relay

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Rugby Touchdown relay Practices for Juniors 5 players all with a ball line up along a coned area. They run out and touch the ball down halfway, leavi...

Kicking Out Of Hands

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Coaching points. 1 player with a ball. Ball to be held correctly with the end of the ball pointing in the direction it is to be kicked. Keep eyes on ...

5 V 5 Tag Rugby

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Rugby 5 v 5 tag rugby Practices for Juniors 2 teams. 5 players on each team in a large coned area. Area size depends on age, ability, and number of p...

Grid Island

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Rugby Grid Island Practices for Juniors Fun game to practice passes/kicks not being intercepted. Divide players into two equal teams and set up two g...



Community Drills

Piggy Passing

One defender in the middle. Up to four on the outside. One ball. The blue attackers pass the ball around and get to 10 then swap around with the red p...

Quick pass race

This is a fun handling competition for juniors.There are 2 teams who start on their respective cones with the ball at the end of the line (as in the d...

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