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Within a set playing area split your players into two groups - catchers and runners.

It's the catcher's job to tag as many runners as possible.

Once a runner has been tagged they are "stuck", and must stand in a T-shape, with their arms up. They cannot move until they are released by another runner.

If you are stuck, the other players can release you by touching you on the head or running under your outstretched arms and/or legs.

Coaching points

Play within a set period of time (ie 2 minutes) or until all runners have been caught.

With small groups only have one catcher. If you have a large group allocate 2-3 catchers.

Players should be using quick feet, changes of pace and direction to avoid being caught.

To make this drill easier/harder you can reduce/increase the size of the playing area.


To progress this drill, those that are being chased can carry balls while running to get them used to the feel of a ball while trying to evade a defender.

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