Presenting The Ball

category: Tackling

Good for younger rugby players to learn how to go into contact and set up the ball at pace, you can use it as a competition between the team with a li...

Rugby Pinball

category: Tackling

This game is designed to teach the players about body height in tackling and ruck clean out. Set up a field about 15m long by 10m wide. Keep it narrow...

Attack Until Youre Tackled

category: Off-Loads

Playing area of 25m in length - adjust width to suit numbers- equal numbers in both teams Full LEG tackles ONLY - ball carrier when tackled can off lo...

Incorrect Tackling Position

category: Practices-for-Juniors

INCORRECT tackling position. Tacklers head should not be in front of the player being tackled.

Web Videos

Rugby: epic tackles

Epic tackles and big hits from the superstars of rugby. Tackles from; Johnny Wilkinson, Fritz Lee, Jonah Lomu, Sebastien Chabal, Josh Lewsey, Manu Tui...

Top 5 knock-outs in rugby league

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