On the kickoff, the ball bounces over the touchline?

On the kickoff, the ball bounces over the touchline?

On the kickoff, the ball bounces over the touchline before it goes 10m. What is the following action or possible choices of action?

Rugby CoachCoach
Rugby CoachCoach

If the ball bounced over the touch line from the kick off a lineout is awarded with the throw in to the team who was not kicking off. If the ball went out without bouncing (on the full) then the receiving team can elect for a scrum on the half way (their put in) or for another kick off, with the same team kicking off.

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I am still unsure if a lineout is the only possible course of action if the ball has bounced into touch inside 10m? Can the team receiving the kick still choose a scrum on half way or a rekick? if the lineout is taken, is it at the point where the ball went into touch, or on halfway?

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Steve, perhaps the word "bounce" is confusing the issue here? I think we need to view this as a two stage scenario. If, from the kickoff, the ball fails to travel 10m and lands in the field of play, then the opposition have a choice of accepting the kick (and playing on) or having the kick taken again. If the opposition do not play the ball and the ball "bounces" into touch, nothing changes as they still have to address the choice forced on them by the ball failing to travel 10m and landing in the field of play. There is no option for a line-out here. If however, the ball travels out of play from the kickoff - or is caught by a player with a foot in touch - the opposition now have 3 options, a line-out on the half-way line, a kick again or a scrum with their put in. Does that cover it?

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Thanks Andy. So to make sure I understand your answer correctly; you're saying that the ball landing in the field of play and then traveling over the touchline before going 10m is of no consequence and the result is still the same as if it had remained in play?

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Steve Andy’s answer is only partly correct. To be accurate he is correct, but has failed to mention that the receiving side has a choice of kick again or Scrum back at the centre point of the filed, receiving side’s put in. To quote law 13.7, kick off under 10 meters and not played by an opponent%3A If the ball does not reach the opponent’s 10-metre line the opposing team has two choices%3A To have the ball kicked off again, or To have a scrum at the centre of the half-way line and they throw in the ball.

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Thanks Simon.

Rugby CoachCoach

Simon, of course the scrum is an option! Think I was too busy trying to make the point that the subsequent touch was a red herring. 13.6 and 13.7 come before 13.8. Which makes sense really!!

Rugby CoachCoach

Just to add to this. It sems that the focus here is on the high kick towards the touchline. Now, some teams i've seen have a restart ploy where the kicker grubber kicks in front of him i.e. it bounces before the 10m, and the ball is played beyond the 10m. Obviously, this is dependent on how deep the oppo stand to receive the kick. Saracens academy squad use this ploy frequently.... 2 or 3 restart kicks to depth, then a quick grubber with the 2 and 7 chasing up to play once beyond the 10m......

Food for thought ;-)

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