2 Vs 1 + 1 In 2 Grids

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2 attackers with a half back attack a defender

The support player should be able to read the situation and apply the best techniques for bal...

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Strike the perfect balance between fitness and rugby drills in this challenging session, using fun games and fitness drills to get players looking for...

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Scrum (running R-L - 8 picks and runs at opposition 10,11 and 7 secures ruck and 9 delivers to 10 throwing a cut pass to 13(Ruck 13,12 & 6) and 9 ...

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Amsterdam Attacking Line OutJumpers must FakeNo HalfbackHummy goes to half backAll react quickly to bind on as soon as he comes into contact


- Fly half must be in depth of half back and take ball forward- Must have a inside and outside runner for multiple options- Support can be call either...

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2 attackers one defender and one half back with the ball. Defenders begin on the try line attackers two meters out. Main point of the exercise is to w...