How should I defend against this team?

How should I defend against this team?

They are a very fast club with a lot of skill and pace. Though they tend to fall short in the more physical aspects of the game. We beat them last year by pounding them into submission with our forwards, but their speed always makes them very dangerous. The best player is their flyhalf, who is also shy in contact. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help guys, their aren't too many coaches to talk to down here in Guatemala.

Josh MacyCoach, United States of America
Rugby CoachCoach

Put your best tackler on marking duties & after a few tackles the fly half will be a bit hesitant & won't have his eye on the ball he will be looking for the tackler this should at least slow the movement of the ball to the backs

Josh MacyCoach, United States of America

Thanks Wayne, I was thinking of doing this. My fly half is a very hard tackler and we attack from the outside-in on defense (sort of an opposite drift). Pairing this with a strong mark from my flanker will hopefully take him out of the game. Thanks a bunch.

Barry StevensCoach, New Zealand

Your forwards play an important part in nullifying the effectiveness of the oppossing backs, It is important at their set piece that your forwards look to pressure the opposition and try and disrupt the delivery of the ball to the half-back this will have an effect on the quality of ball their flyhalf gets. Slow ball allows your backs to get into the oppostions space and cut down their time and space Hope this gets to you before you play them I have only joined up to this site Good Luck

Josh MacyCoach, United States of America

Thanks for the advice guys. Unfortunately, we ended up losing the game in the last 10min. We were winning for about 70min and let them tie it up. We were about to score the winning try with an easy 2v1 and ending up giving up an intercept try to the other team. Tough day, exciting match. I used both of your advice well. We put big pressure on their lineout (they did not win one in the whole match) and really slowed down their ball at the breakdowns. We tackled well but let them stay in it by mishandling kicks in the back. Thanks again guys.

Rugby CoachCoach

Josh. if you get a chance to watch England ,Wales look at what he uses Joe Worsley for he's a flanker but he's used for a man marker . England cut there line out to four men & used him as they would have used Wilkinson for his tackling this could be an option for you if you play them again & your forwards are better at lineouts just an idea for the future. Wayne

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