Team Kicking (Chip Kick)

category: Kicking

Rugby Team Kicking (Chip kick) Kicking 4 teams of 2 players, with 2 teams at each end. One player from the 1st team starts with the ball. The player ...

3-Kick Warmup

category: Kicking

Rugby 3-Kick Warmup Kicking Drill to warm up/practice different types of kick. Players form two lines in the 15m channels with all the balls starting...

Kicking To Support

category: Kicking

Rugby Kicking to support Kicking One player starts with ball and runs to first cone, where he kicks the ball across to ... Either a grubber or a chip...

Attacking Kick On The Move

category: Kicking

Rugby Attacking Kick On The Move Kicking Practice short kicks while attacking forward (not standing still). The attackers are aiming to land their ki...

Web Videos

Rugby's greatest chip kick tries!

A compilation showcasing some of rugby's greatest tries from a chip kick! Tweet me video requests - https://twitter.com/ADF0110 Any enquiries?


Improving Kicking Accuracy

Add an extra dimension to your game plus scrub up on the absolutely essential kicking techniques with this kicking session packed of videos and drills...


Community Drills

World Beaters

Getting your players to practice high ball kicks and attack.1. Set up a 5m wide channel with 5 7m boxes like seen in picture.2. Have a defender standi...


-Ball is chip kicked into air for distance and height-Should be kicked so that backline can run onto it

Pie & Chips

Up on tighthead. 9 feeds 12 who comes in on the angle fixing first defender. 12 switches with 8 with attacks the space. 8 fixes secndary defender aimi...

Kicking Game

Encouraging players to identify when to use a grubber kick. 1. Play 5 v 5, attacking team can pass and only complete one type of kick (grubber, h...