Passing Lane

category: Movement

Netball Passing Lane Movement Player 1 passes to their partner then moves to the next cone to receive the ball back. This repeats until players reach ...

Defend The Lane

category: Defence

Coaching points · Make sure if the defender misses the intercept that they get their arms up straight away to prevent the attacker passing. · Once t...

3 Man Weave

category: Passing

Netball 3 Man Weave Passing Players pass the ball out to the side and then follow their pass and run behind the player they passed the ball to. Both t...

Up And Across Passing

category: Movement

Netball Up and Across Passing Movement To practice running off the ball players work in pairs, with 1 ball between 2. The stipulation for this drill i...

Web Videos

The rules of netball - explained!

Ninh explains the Rules of Netball, the most popular female only sport played worldwide. A beginner's explanation of Olympic Netball Rules. Watch this...