3 Feet Marking

category: Fundamentals

Netball 3 Feet Marking Fundamentals *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Set up in pairs 1 partner (A) has the ball. Partner A faces away from partner B. A Passes ...

Footwork Rule

category: Fundamentals

Netball Footwork Rule Fundamentals *** AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON *** To abide by the footwork rule, whatever ... To abide by the footwork rule, whatever f...

Ljll- Lean, Jump, Ladder, Late Hand.

category: Defence

... A Passes the ball in the air to themself and turns. Partner B jumps back to 3 feet distance and needs to defend in one of 4 ways. Lean Jump Ladde...

Quick Feet With Jump

category: Defence

On whistle fast feet make diamond shape – defending jump at each point of diamond. Coaching points. Fast feet. Small base. Jump up and forward. Ave...