Move Out To Make Space

category: Indoor-Hockey

Player 1 runs with the ball through the little slalom and passes the ball to player 3 on the top of the circle. this player then hook dribbles the bal...

Passing From Left To Right In Pairs

category: Passing-Receiving

Players in pairs run along the length of one side and pass the ball from left to right by pulling the ball back and moving their feet around the ba...

Penalty Corner Hit

category: Set-Pieces

- Utilising the strike from the top of the D during a penalty corner

Web Videos

How to play hockey: timing

To access this video and 100 more like it, join our community at HowtoPlayHockey.ca today! In this hockey video tutorial, the important concept of tim...



Community Drills


Pass between tow players. Pick and move with the ball + precise pass.Lead (hook) and pick up in movement + 1vs1Good quality passes + precision pass in...

Drill 3 - 3v2 Hard Ball Carry into D

Introducing Hard Ball Carry to Goal 1 v 1 with jump back defender originating 15/20m away from D 2 v 1 to be located ahead of the play, starting where...

Mimi Drill

Pile of balls are set up 15 yds from the cones. there are 5 yrds in bewteen the cone sets. player will weave around cones without a ball then time the...