Hockey Drill Demonstration


- effective movement off the ball is crutical

- players actively need to post up to create space by accelerating away from a defender quickly to draw defender out of or into an area

Posting up Stages

- leading run made away from defender & post up towards ball carrier indicating ready to receive ball

- if received: open stick side, taking ball slightly in front before peeling strongly to left in a wide arc (rolling out) to face forward & continue attacking

- if not received: leads away from ball carrier, opening movement/ passing channels & look for another opportunity to post up

Coaching points

- make sure ball doesnt contact feet during rolling out

- on the move all the time, not static

- don't get too close to ball carrier during leading run

- stick should be used as a signal/cue to ball carrier

- timing is crutical

- high left elbow when receiving ball

- pre-scanning before receiving ball helps to best place 1st touch & identify possible options

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