Lead And Receive (Reverse)

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Lead and receive (reverse) Video Techniques - Leading towards and then away from a pass, receiving the ball on the reverse side.

Pass Receive And Shoot With The Reverse.

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey Pass receive and shoot with the reverse. Rebound Blocks Players pass the ball into the rebound block to receive the ball back and try to scor ...

Reverse Stick Stop - Flat

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Reverse Stick Stop - flat Video Techniques - Leading into the ball, receiving with a flat reverse stick.

Run Out To Receive Reverse

category: Passing-Receiving

Hockey Run out to receive reverse Passing & Receiving One player starts outside the square with the ball the next player runs out to receive the baql...

Web Videos

Ryde hockey: reverse receive

Ryde Hockey Club High Performance Coaching Adviser Larry McIntosh covers the basics of receiving the ball on the reverse stick side and the importance...

Community Drills

Exchange top of D

2 players at top of D. Exchange passes, player nearest top of D turns to Goal and receives on reverse to then shoot.Receive reverse stick infront for...