1V1 Box

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Hockey 1v1 box Eliminating a Player Try and play 1v1 from three different positions. One player at a time rotates clockwise to the back of next group...

Ball Transfer

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Hockey Ball Transfer Eliminating a Player Push off on your right foot with ball on forehand side. Push off left foot with ball on reverse stick side....

1 V 1 Choose

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Hockey 1 v 1 choose Eliminating a Player Two attackers run together at the same time with a ball each. Attackers can dribble through any of the three...

Pass From Left To Right

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Hockey Pass from left to right Eliminating a Player Left to Right method of passing.

Web Videos

England hockey: 1v1 elimination tips

This is an excellent series of coaching videos produced by England Hockey to help players develop their skills. Want to see more? Just subscribe! Enjo...