Drill Categories


Center Shot Relay

category: 314-center-shot

Both sides line up facing one another, with the ball starting on opposite sides. The player who starts with the ball throws to the player opposite the...

Hit The Dragons Tail

category: 314-center-shot

White players must try to hit the last player of the 'dragon' (the four blue players in the middle are the dragon). Players in the dragon hold each ot...

Running And Passing

category: 314-center-shot

Pairs move to and away from each other and move in to each other while passing. They should try to receive passes while moving towards the ball and al...

Center Shot Technique When Running

category: 314-center-shot

Left-handers should shoot with their right foot in front, right-handers shoot with their left foot in front As you wind up to shoot get your hand at t...

Introduction : Center Shot

category: 314-center-shot

Pairs stand a couple of meters apart from one another and pass the ball to one another. Players can see how many times in a row they can pass without ...

One-Two Pass And Shoot

category: 314-center-shot

Players stand in line waiting their turn to attack. The first player passes to player two in the middle who plays an immediate ball back into the path...

Web Videos

Kill shot in handball

Tony Healy and Michael 'Duxie' Walsh demonstrate the Kill Shot for use in a handball match. Dead Butt!