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Left-handers should shoot with their right foot in front, right-handers shoot with their left foot in front

As you wind up to shoot get your hand at the same height as your shoulder and then pull the ball backwards. Your forearm should form a 90 degree angle with upper-arm

Hip turns backwards together with the hand behind the ball with your fingers slightly spread.

The third and final step involves moving forwards with a large and explosive drive - planting the 'weak' foot in the direction of the goal as the hand, arm and hips move forwards in the final movement.

Coaching points

When the back foot comes off the floor as you shoot the throwing arm should pass the head at ear height.

Stretch out the throwing arm after the shot as you follow through - pointing towards where your want your shot to go.

Player's upper body should lightly follow the throwing arm in a downward motion.

Drill tags: center shot, running shot, shooting, technique

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