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category: Key-2-content-Jump-Twists

Gymnastics Jumping Key 2 content Jump & Twists Jumping on the spot 180 Jump (Twice) 360 Jump.

Jumping (One Foot To Two Foot)

category: Key-1-content-jump-twist

Gymnastics Jumping (one foot to two foot) Key 1 content jump & twist Jump from one foot to land on two feet.

Right Foot Lead Movement

category: Key-1-content-jump-twist

Gymnastics Right foot lead movement Key 1 content jump & twist Jogging always leading with the same foot.

Jumping From A Platform

category: Key-1-content-jump-twist

Gymnastics Jumping from a platform Key 1 content jump & twist Pupils stand on platform and jump up to gain 'tuck' shape in the air. Land with flexed ...

Piked Jump From Spring Board

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Pike

Gymnastics Piked Jump from Spring Board Key 4 Content Trampette Pike From a short run hurdle step to take off from springboard with two feet. Form pi...

180 Jump Twist

category: Key-2-content-Jump-Twists

Gymnastics 180 Jump Twist Key 2 content Jump & Twists Standing with heels together but toes slightly apart and with arms to the horizontal, swing arm...

Two Foot Jumping

category: Key-1-Body-Temperature-Raising

Gymnastics Two Foot Jumping Key 1 Body Temperature Raising Jog to jump over mats taking off and land on two feet. Holding a ball or soft object in tw...

Pike Shape Jump From Trampette.

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Pike

Gymnastics Pike Shape Jump from Trampette. Key 4 Content Trampette Pike A fast approach run up. Eyes focus upon the trampette. A long hurdle step.

Jumping From A Low Platform

category: Key-2-content-Jump-Twists

Gymnastics Jumping from a low platform Key 2 content Jump & Twists Flex knees, swing arms to long shape and jump. Flex knees on landing with arms mov...

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Community Drills

Tumble tots day 1

1. Get use to the mats obstacle -102. stretch-53. Hang on bar- 104. jump on trampoline- 55. walk across the beam- 106. Cool down song- 57. Free time-5


For conditioning, since we are only in the Gym for two days a week, I am following a whole-body approach every day. We try to do at least 10 different...