Drill Categories


Handstand Onto A Standing Base

category: Key-5-2-Balances-and-Bases

Gymnastics Handstand onto a standing base Key 5 2 Balances and Bases Balances may be understood as Static, held positions, where one partner support...

Support Handstand

category: Key-5-8-Supports

Gymnastics Support handstand Key 5 8 Supports.

Donkey Kicks On A Bench

category: Key-3-Handstand

Gymnastics Donkey Kicks on a bench Key 3 Handstand Teach Donkey Kicks (Double leg 'Snap Down' from Handstand to land in Half Squat). From a ...


Community Drills

Warm up game (Disaster Game)

Weather game with actions. Coach calls out a certain weather disaster and kids do the actions accordingly. The last one to do the action needs to do a...


For conditioning, since we are only in the Gym for two days a week, I am following a whole-body approach every day. We try to do at least 10 different...