Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


Staring situation.

A in a bridge face onto B. Face to Face.

B face onto the face of A and holding a Lunge position.

Works when gymnast A starts from a bridge position, and face onto B. Gymnast B holds a Lunge, or an Upright base, as preparation to catch the single foot, or both thighs of A. From the bridge position, Gymnast A either raises one leg, rocks into the shoulders and kicks with the lead leg to exit the bridge, into a split leg handstand balance; or rocks into the shoulders, pushes from two feet and hip extends into a handstand balance. Gymnast B aims to either catch the single foot of A and hold A in the split leg handstand balance; or" move in" to catch the thighs of A and hold A in a straight handstand balance. Note. The above actions also work if B stands side onto A and close to the shoulders of A during their bridge action.


The Drill is often used with

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