Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


  1. Shoes on! Shuttle running between two lines.Control the speed as the runner prepares to slow down to change direction.
  2. Shoes off for the rest of the session - gentle jogging on the spot
  3. Jumping on the floor, both legs together - arms by side
  4. Three small jumps followed by one squat jump and spring up to “touch the ceiling with your hands”.
  5. 10 burpees
  6. front support, to back support - repeat 5 times
  7. Start with your legs out straight, arms above head. On instruction, switch to a seated tuck shape; on instruction return to legs out straight - repeat 5 times
  8. Repeat the same in a pike shape
  9. Now shout either tuck or pike shape, they have to get into that position
  • Be aware of any current injuries - change individual exercises dependent on this
  • Modify dependent on their level of fitness

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