2 On 2 - Transition Drill

category: Passing

Two players (blue) with the ball start from the half way line. They're playing against Red 1 and Red 2.

After the attackers have had their s...

2V2 Transition - Continuous Game

category: 2-v-2

Set up 4 lines of players, with a line in each corner of the court.

Players will play 2v2. Once a shot has been taken the ball is passed to...

Centre Circle Shuffles

category: Fitness

  • Feet wide apart, crab across the centre circle;
  • Hands raised as if defending, try and spread yourself wide, maintain stability;
  • To...

  • Web Videos

    Intro 5-on-0 transition offense

    Current UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma is a huge advocate of drill work that translates from practice to the game. In the latest team de...


    Fast Break - Speed Offence!

    A great speedy session for getting your to players to push the ball, make good decisions at speed and progress up the court with confidence!


    Community Drills


    Coach wirft Ball, 2 in der Zone kämpfen um Rebound. Wer den Ball hat bekommt Mitspieler. der andere verteidigt alleine (oder Flügelverteidiger muss zu...