Transition and Help Defence

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This week we introduce your players to Help Defence as we aim to encourage good communication between all of your players when in their defensive half.

What is Help Defence?

Help Defence is a system similar to man-marking but more flexible, where players can leave the player they're marking to move and help a team-mate to create a defensive overload. It's a great system because every player gets beat from time to time.

In order to play this teamwork system your players are going to need to be prepared to move to support their team-mate and sprint to cover them if they get beat by their man - as well as keeping one eye on the player they're marking too!

What's in the Session?

To get your players working on this support defence we start with a recap of the defensive slide, ensuring players don't tie themselves in a knot by crossing their feet, before getting down to business through a series of 1v1, 2v2 and recovery defence drills before finishing with a full court game that rewards good defence!

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Transition and Help Defence
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