Drills: Split

Full court shooting drill Basketball
Full court shooting drill
Split the group in two at opposite corners of the court.
Pass then Pressure Basketball
Pass then Pressure
Split players into groups of 3. One player has a ball and throws it to
Shoot off the screen Basketball
Shoot off the screen
Setup as shown. Split the group into thr
Screening Basketball
Setup as shown. Split the group into two
Zig Zag Drill Basketball
Zig Zag Drill
Set out cones to split the court in half, with your players w
Dribble Relay Basketball
Dribble Relay
Split the group into equal teams. li&
In and Out Dribble Relay Basketball
In and Out Dribble Relay
Split players into equal teams, with each player having a bal
Straight Dribble Relay Basketball
Straight Dribble Relay
Split the group into equal teams. On the command go, players
Stop / Start Dribble Basketball
Stop / Start Dribble
Split the group into equal teams li&g
In and Out full court slalom Basketball
In and Out full court slal
Split the group into equal teams. li&
3 v 3 Basketball
3 v 3
Split the class into groups of 6. With 3 defenders and 3 attackers. On
Running one vs one Basketball
Running one vs one
Split your players into 3 groups. The middle players (in gre
Circle Relay Basketball
Circle Relay
Set the cones up as shown in the diagram. /li>
both side shooting drill Basketball
both side shooting drill
Both Players outside the 3 point line start dribbling with th
Team Shooting Drill Basketball
Team Shooting Drill
To make this a team exercise have players compete as a group
Relays Basketball
Players in teams have to dribble the ball to the opposite con
Dribble Moves Drill Basketball
Dribble Moves Drill
Players take it in turn to dribble from right side of the court, rebou
3 v 3 with defence Basketball
3 v 3 with defence
Players join with another group of 3 with one group playing passive de
Defensive slide Basketball
Defensive slide
Away from the wall the players stand in 2 lines staggered so
Phantom pick & roll drill Basketball
Phantom pick & roll dr
Blue makes pass to White then down screen for red, red cuts off the to
Teams Right Hand Dribble Left Hand Dribble Last Man Shoot (above) Basketball
Teams Right Hand Dribble L
Dribble to half court line using right hand. At halfway rever
Shooting - First to 21 Basketball
Shooting - First to 21
Players line up outside the key in two lines, with one ball p
Passing Relays Basketball
Passing Relays
Pass the ball around the outside of the cones. While another team is r
Basketball Bulldog Basketball
Basketball Bulldog
White Player 1 is 'On'Blue Players 1 to 8 try to dribble the