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Advanced Ball Handling Drills

Whether your player is a Guard, Forward, or Center, good ball handling skills are essential in basketball for accurate passing, effective dribbling an...


1-5 Post Passing

category: Passing

The player underneath the basket begins with a ball and tosses if off the backboard, simulating a rebound. They then pass to the point guard on the...

Creating Off The Dribble

category: Shooting

Start in the guard position 5 meters above the three-point line just off center at the top of the key.

  1. Spin back the ball as if receiv...

Defensive Position Drill

category: Defense

Set up as shown in video clip.

Position 1- Close Out and guard the ball.

Position 2- Deny the ball

Position 3- Front the post<...

Defensive Slide

category: Defense

Away from the wall the players stand in 2 lines staggered so coach/teacher can see all players.

Coach will then direct the players a directi...

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Community Drills

Zusammenspiel Guard/Flügel, Giveandgo

Guard dribbelt 2 Dribblings nach links, HW und dann nach rechts - Pass zum Flügel, der gleichzeitig mit ihm gestartet ist.a) Flügel erhält Ball, aufdr...


a) Spieler stehen Rücken an Rücken. Auf Signal rennen beide zum jeweiligen Flügel. Der schnellere bekommt den Ball, dreht sich auf und macht KL. Der a...