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This drill will simulate breakdown play being the furthermost defender.

Start at the guard position denying the ball.

In the glide position go up and back twice then go into a help position opening up to the lane at the free throw lane.

There is now an imaginary baseline breakdown.

The offensive player is driving to the basket.

Another [virtual] defensive player who has been guarding a player on your side moves to stop the ball handler, which leaves an offensive man wide open.

Drop down to the base line under the basket to deflect or steal and pass made.

The only offensive player who is completely open should be the player previously being marked, who is furthermost from the play and thus has the poorest percentage change at the basket.

The [virtual] pass is thrown over the top to this man.

React again to intercept this pass.

Run onto the offensive player who is now into his shooting motion, jump to bother his shot.

Do this drill three times on each side.

Once this drill is perfected it can be used for quickness cutting the repetitions down to just 2 each.

Coaching points

If there is weakness at any particular facet then spend more time on that particular part.

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Simulate breakdown play being the furthermost defender.DefenseBasketball Drills Coaching