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Creating and penetrating space to lose the defender and protect the ball Session Thumbnail
Creating and penetrating space to lose the defender and protect the ball

A good pass isn’t just made by the passer, the receivers movement must be spot on to create it. Develop your players explosive leads to get free from their marker and receive the pass.

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Set up:

  • Players set up in 4 corners
  • 8+ players
  • 2 balls in diagonally opposite corners
  • Players without the balls and at the front of diagonally oppsite lines are the workers.
  • Workers drive out and receive a pass from their left.
  • Worker turns and passes back to the line they came from.
  • Workers then drives back towards the line they came from to receive a short 'anywhere' pass (drop, high, bounce).
  • Worker then drives to their left to receive a long over head ball and passes to the line they were driving towards.
  • Passer sends a long flat ball to worker who then finishes off with a pass to the opposite line they originally started from.

Coaching points

  • Timing needs to be accurate. From passing to driving- communication is key.
  • Players need to be driving onto the ball and not waiting so passers need to feed into the space.

Common errors:

  • Dropped balls and missed timing- Take your time in explaining the drill and for players to familiarise themselves. Once movements established, put the pressure on by increasing speed and introducing progressions.



  • Time drill to see how many players can get around in 3 minutes.
  • Add in defence in the middle area to confuse space.

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