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Choose 1 player to be the catcher - they start standing on the line between 2 thirds, wearing a bib.

All other players start spread along the goal line facing the catcher.


The aim is for all the other players to run and get past the catcher into the end zone without being caught - the last player still active is the winner.

The catcher must try and catch as many players as possible before they reach the end zone.


If a player is caught by the catcher they then become a catcher and start this role on the line for the next run back.

Players must not go outside of the blue coned area.

Once a player has reached the end zone line they must wait there until the coach signals they may try to run back once all players have attempted to run across.

Players can only wait a maximum of 5 seconds after the coach signals they can run from the end zone line - if they do not move after this time they automatically become a catcher.

Coaching points

Encourage attacking players to explore different ways to get free from the catcher (the defender) especially when more catchers are added.

Players should be demonstrating the following skills in order to beat the catcher/s:

  • Dodging
  • Change of direction
  • Change of pace

The catcher (defender) needs to be encouraged to use tactics in order to catch players successfully. Do they home in on one player or a group of players? Thinking about their body positioning and being prepared and on their toes.

The catcher needs to use their peripheral vision if balls are added into the game - this will be vital when working with your team later in the session to develop a successful zone defence.


  • Players have to run as soon as coach signals
  • Smaller working area - less space to move (harder for the attackers)
  • Give players a ball between the group they have to look after it and get it to the other side by passing the ball between them. Only the person holding the ball can be tagged.
  • More catchers to start with - extra pressure
  • Ball in pairs have to get it to the end zone - harder for the catchers (defence)

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