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Effectively finding space

Develop your players ability to create and penetrate space, working as a unit to provide offers for the ball carrier.

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Players work in groups of 3, with two players inside the grid and 1 outside with the ball.

The outside player (1) passes the ball inside to the player on their team (2) and then runs inside the square to receive the pass back.

After this player 2 runs out of the opposite side of the grid to receive a return pass from player 1 before restarting the drill.

Player continue working in this way until the defender intercepts the ball.

At that point the defender swaps with the player that lost the ball.

Coaching points

This practice works on a player's ability to get free to receive the ball and then return it to the original passer.


You could add to the practice that the player running out of the grid to receive the ball can run out of any side to receive and then starts the practice again from that side.

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