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Ruck Development!

Rucking isn’t just about the breakdown itself, get your players thinking ahead towards the next play and make your rucks twice as effective.


Rocking the Ruck

You've only got 5 seconds in the ruck to free the ball and win back possession for your team - Make those 5 seconds count!



Community Drills

Pick and go, pass,

Attacker brings ball into contact choosing to either stay up or go to ground.2 support players react to the situation, ie mauling and driving, picking...

2. Speed to the Ruck - 30 mins

Area is set up with 3 bags simulating a tackle area, each with a ball (these are numbered 1, 2 & 3), 5 defenders with pads in between 2 cones, 5m from...

3 Phase

Player runs with support player into shield.Both drive then ball carrier goes to ground with support player securing possession.Next two players arriv...


Description 8 picks and strikes on 10's outside shoulder 7-6 immediate supportCoaching points8 must strike hard and viciously and fight on the gro...