Traffic Passing

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Traffic Passing Warm Up This passing exercise will keep large groups of players busy passing, running onto, and moving the ball in traffic with...

Passing In Traffic

category: Passing

Rugby Passing in Traffic Passing Tell the players the following...... Runners move forward towards the cone opposite to their location. There will be...

Traffic Lights Game

category: Passing

Rugby Traffic Lights Game Passing Brief your players one what you would like the to do by telling them the following.... One of the players will stan...

Passing Under Pressure

category: Passing

Rugby Passing under pressure Passing 4 players line up next to each other about 5 meters apart. A defender with ... Passing in Traffic Drill Thumbnai...

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Station 3Passing in traffic3-4 players stationed on each side of the square dependant on numbers.Ball is passed down the line with both opposing sides...