High Kick Catching

category: Catching

Rugby High Kick Catching Catching Drill to practice catching high kicks. Set up a grid roughly 15m long and 10m wide. Get a line of players on one si...

Kick Support Game

category: Catching

Rugby Kick support game Catching 2 teams, 1 ball with 2 grids diagonally across from each other. Each team is made out of 3 pairs and one float suppo...

Bomb Kick

category: Kicking

Coaching points · Chest over hips on set up, strong position and extended arms · Kick through the Ball and keep square to target with a high follow...

Catching The High Ball

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Player A throws or kicks a high ball for player B to catch in a stationary position. Player B stands side on to take the catch. Coaching points. Ensu...


Confidence under the high ball

Even when the wind's blowing and the rain's pouring teach all your players how to claim the high catch with confidence!